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Spiritual Counselling

When you are in a place of knowing you could do with some assistance to establish some areas in your life that need change or even change yourself in your beliefs, 

then spiritual counselling can offer you a place where you can be listened to.

 The sessions provide a process of coaching you through and

 can turn your concerns around.

By you taking action will give you the opportunity to sort yourself out.


The spiritual counselling sessions aim to help you open yourself 

to possibilities and new ways of thinking, with tools for you to take home with you.

This helps with the healing process of conditioned patterns you may be carrying. 

 You can feel much lighter in yourself as you transform yourself atracting possibilities in new ways of being.

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Healing Circles


The Healing Circle is a good place to develop your spirituality, and be part of a group.

The Circle offers many learning tools 

and commences with a talk on the astrological momentum for the new and full moon.

This gives you an understanding of the planetary influences and rhythms, 

and how they affect your every day life.  

Respecting you are your own person and make your own choices.


This is followed by a variation of meditative practises, spiritual healing exercises,

and chakra balancing experiences.

A wonderfully calming and centering experience for the members.  

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Regression Journeys and Meditations

Looking to solve recurring issues and regain balance?

Do you feel unworthy?

This might come from a past time.

By visiting this time a new awareness opens out to you and with this insight you are able to handle what is going on with you now in a much better way.

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The Inner Child Regression

Are you tense?

Do you beat yourself up when something goes wrong?

Maybe you are not kind with yourself?

Inner child sessions can help enlighten you and capture your inner being once more.

You can feel so much better about you.

If you would like to book go to contact.


The Zen Healing Aroma Session

This is a body treatment combining aromatherapy with crystals, meditation and healing.

Go to Zen Healing Sessions for more information.


For any issues around Diet and ailments

we recommend Sophie who is a Nutritionist and Medical Herbalist.


For Crystal Healing Session with Reiki atunement

contact Anna Acerbi on: 


If any of these areas above relate to you 

book a free consultation now.  Book here


Please note that any medication or doctor's advice is respected and these sessions do not replace what is required from your doctor's advice.


Concessions will be considered


Eilyen Feirbairn Cert Ed., Theosophist, Past Life Regressionist, Aromatherapist, Author, NLP.

 Thank you for taking the time to visit the

 Center of Unified Healing


Let me tell you how it all started:

It all began when I was a little girl.  I experienced back pain. 

 The pain was there all the time, even at night time waking me up 

in the early hours of the morning.


After being diagnosed by the hospital at the age of 17, that I had a condition that would not permit me to dance or do a sitting down job, the search for alternative ways began.

I learned so much about body alignment

 and the relationship to the mind,

I learned about energy fields, meridians, chakras, crystals,

 past life regression, meditations, 

re-birthing, Feldenkrais method, osteopathy etc.  All of these allowed me to understand how wonderfully the relationship between mind and body and soul are all one.


Within two years I became a dance and movement therapy teacher and performer in dance movement.


I did many courses in healing from aromatherapy, shiatsu 

pressure points and meridians, 

past life regression and inner child regression


It is my pathway to be a healer and formulate an integrated healing method

which provides a platform for others to take their pathway and become who they want to be.

At present I am an author, teacher and healing coach and run Healing Circles. 




mind, body and soul wellness

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