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Center of Unified Healing

Emotional/mind & body balance


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We are moving into new ways of being 

It is time to raise our vibration, raise our frequency and clear any regrets you may be holding,

Question your belief patterns  

Walk into your pathway and open into new ways of being, 


How do we prepare for this?

 By listening to yourself and trusting the process

Here are some disciplines that are useful:


bespoke meditations, inner child regression, past life regression,  clearing old beliefs and habits, 



Consider an integrated aroma session  

 combined with chakra healing with crystals for body alignment and to centre your being

or join the Healing Circle or consult a  Medical Herbalist and Nutritionist.

 Experience a different perspective with new awareness, and endless possibilities 

Crystal Energy brings vibrancy to you

In many ways people are seeing each other from the perspective of,  what is right and what is wrong?

But, what is more important is to have agreement between us.  

We do not necessarily have to agree,  

but agree to disagree. 

Its about uniting and being empathetic towards each other's different points of view.

Stay heart centred and compassionate.

Use crystal rose quartz energy

Testimonials for you to view

Jill wrote

I love Eilyen's healing hands.  She is intuitive, healing and caring in all she does.

Andrea wrote

I am an aromatherapist and thermal stone therapist.  I learned the elements from Eilyen who taught me the essence of energy and chakras.  Thank you

Jane wrote

I experienced past life regressions, healing journeys, aromatherapy and a new way of being through her healing and listening hands and mindfulness.

Lilli wrote

I found Eilyen's healing treatment and meditation to be healing and relaxing.  They helped me to recover from physical and emotional ailments.  

In gratitude to all of you for your kind words

Bespoke Meditations 

 The Guided meditations take you to a sacred place within and help calm your mind. 


 Meditations are written 

by Eilyen

helping memory retention, breathing, and quietening the mind


You may find you feel soothed, tranquil and become aware that your vibration has lifted.

 There are also psychological meditations to support grief, loss, and to attract love

plus mindfulness meditations


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