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Spiritual Counselling


Regression sessions

Every person is unique with their own story

When you have a consultation

we can see how to process your particular issues

People have these sessions for several reasons. 

Mainly about their hurts and the repeated situations they find themselves in.

 This may be from a past life time.

  Others seek regression sessions because they have experienced a trauma in the past 

 which they haven't been able to get over and has left a stain in their psyche.

Soul Contracts

You come into this world with a soul,  

The soul exists in you and is carried over into each of your lives.

At the end of each life on earth a soul contract is made.

These contracts play a major role and are not generally fully understood by many

but answer patterns that recur over and over again.

Ancestral Patterns

When a trauma happens or an accident, it often initiates the person to go deeper into themselves 

and find out why?   Is there a message?  Is there something I should know?

It is possible you may have picked up an ancestoral connection which affected you.

These ancestral connections are sometimes good and sometimes not so andneed clearing.

In general the sessions help discover the issues of the trauma and most times have a resolving effect. 

This is a relief and opens more perspectives to progress you forward. 

Forward Projection

  A forward projection journey helps you discover the potential possibilities you have in the future. 

Inner Child Regression

Inner Child Regression Sessions have heart warming healing aspects inviting the inner child to be heard.

 Healing this deep hurt helps you gain the confidence you need to be heard in your everyday situations.

It covers issues around not being loved and being abandoned.

Any disturbance or trauma from the past.  When the trauma happens,

the mind compartmentalises itself for protective reasons and closes off the events of this trauma.

It can even chooses to shield the memory and this can cause a distortion.

In your conscious state you may not be aware of this inhibiting factor.

Don't worry!   It is a coping method.

This is the reason you do not always respond in your every day patterning to particular situations

 in a positive way  

Ask yourself these questions:


" Do you find you are not doing what you really want to in life".

Do you find you do not take the necessary actions you want to?  

Do you procrastinate with things you have to do and find yourself 'not walking your talk'.

 Does your head and heart say the same? 

Can you recall the good memories from your past?

Do you feel unfulfilled, lack confidence, or not feel good enough about yourself, 

Do you feel a victim?

Are you generally not happy with yourself?

A combination of Spiritual Counselling and

Regression sessions can help you process these issues

 and find the person your are supposed to be.  Turn yourself around.


The method used in regression sessions is a form of hypnotherapy.  It is a deep trance like state. 

 The regression leads you back into your childhood time and can further go back into one life time

 or many past lives.

It all depends on the journey.



Some other forms of regressions are 

 open ended, progressive, ancestral healing,

somatic regression - remembering a feeling



Every person deserves to feel good about themselves and live a fulfilling life.



Belief Pattern Therapy

Belief patterns are part of our process in growing up.

We take on beliefs by observation and experiences. 

We can believe we are good or bad.  

We believe in religion or we don't. 

 We either believe what is being said or we do not.

Unfortunately, the perception in taking on these beliefs may have fitted in that moment you received them

but may not fit with where you are now.

This causes issues with the relationship you have with yourself, 

and the relationship you have with others. 

Repeated patterns are formed and are not helpful to your life.

A process of relinquishing these belief patterns that no longer serve you from their root

 will change your life and bring you in the moment where life can begin anew.



All Sessions usually last 1 & 1/2 and sometimes 2 hours.

Between 3 - 6 sessions are recommended 

Price is £80 per session

3 sessions paid in advance attract a discount and is £200.

For Bookings

Concessions available

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