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Healing Circles

The Healing Circle offers a sacred space

 in a small group to expand your consciousness.


The session commences with the astrological aspects for the New Moon and/or the Full Moon

 in the present month.


This is followed by a guided meditation to

 raise your vibration

 and become aware of other dimensions.


  The environment in the room is supportive

 and sensitive.


 We hold the Light for each other with 

varying exercises ranging from reading a photograph of a person you do not know, or an oracle card reading, etc., etc. 


We also practice chakra balancing to align the frequency.


We end the session by closing down the energies and send healing Light for World Healing and unity.


It is a humbling experience to share with these sensitive souls.


The group is usually around 4 to 6 people.  

To join please make contact and we will welcome you according to available spaces. 

The group has been running for a few years.


These sessions are generally held every 2 weeks 

   Mondays  7 - 9pm 

£125 for 6 sessions

£25 for one session


For any queries and bookings click here



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