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This relaxing meditation enables you to manifest your life's soul purpose bringing inspiration and self confidence. An enlightening journey in space.  If you enjoy the preview you can purchase the whole meditation at a nominal fee of £9.95 at your leisure.

I hope you enjoy this experience.  With Love and Light.

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All Videos

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Connect to Mars Energy - The Divine Warrior 

Guided meditation

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To gain maximum results  please listen daily for 21 consecutive days.



Connect to Venus - The Divine Feminine 

Guided Meditation

A grounding and deep meditation which opens your senses to your Divine Feminine. 



The Relationship Meditation - A healing journey


Have you encountered a time when you were in love, but, for whatever reason it just didn't work out. 

When things went wrong you found yourself drained, stressed, lost, and hurt.

This meditation moves you into a mindfulness state to build your energy and self esteem. To receive the full benefits, repeat  daily for 21 consecutive days.

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The Sacred Temple - Crystal Healing Meditation


Raise your vibrancy and receive healing crystal energy.  

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The Oak Tree Meditation - Strengthens your being


Switch off from your world into nature and allow yourself the space for this healing journey. 

A melting, merging space with divine energy.

With Love and compassion.

The Healing Pool Meditation - Nourishing and soothing

If you need to detoxify your thoughts and nourish your cells this meditation walks you through an abundance of healing in the elixir of colour vibrations.

The Ebb and Flow of the Sea - unwinding meditation

If you need to unwind and dirft into a no mind state this meditation will walk you through the ebb and flow of the sea drifting into your spacial awareness.



'Since I had meditations and spiritual counselling with Eilyen I find my life has changed.

I am more relaxed and calm.

I find I can change my situations easily when I need to.

Thank you Eilyen for your care'.



The benefits of Meditations were discovered whilst teaching a group of young children  exercise and movement classes. 

 What beautiful children they were! 

Half way through their exercise class they would shut the curtains and specifically ask to stop the class so that they may receive a meditation. They informed me they were tired of all their studies each evening after school.

 They would lie on the floor and listen to the many guided meditations given. 

They were so enthusiastic!

 Their little bodies lay there still.

The Bliss I experienced with them!

Then one day after many years I was greeted by a lady who, 

when she heard my voice said, 'You are Eilyen', I said "Yes" and she said, 

 "I will never forget your voice after the exercise classes with your meditations".

The Benefits of Meditation

After that I studied both the eastern and western way of meditation 

and decided to write meditations with a psychological approach  to them.

I discovered that when a series of guided meditations were practised many benefits were seen and felt.

Some of these are:

the person's breathing improves, 

memory improves, 

positive attitude is realised,

 stillness in the mind. 

 learning improved.

A calmness inside

Expanded consciousness

Awareness improved

Nowadays, I write personalised meditations which are transcribed for the  particular situation in the moment.

This is much needed nowadays and addresses anxiety, stress, grieving, lost relationships, energy issues, sleep issues.

Should you wish to take this further, you can connect with  spiritual counselling to help the process.

additional aids for health are Qi Gong and/or Yoga practice

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